Foop POS for Grocery and Supermarket enables you to manage all your in-store operations. Also, through our unique marketing feature you can design your own offers or participate in company's offers. With features like bar-code scanning/printing you can decrease the turn-around time of consumers


Company Owned Company Operated

Keep a track of your customers in your brand owned stores using our unique Grocery store billing software . Give direct benefits to consumers or even the retailers. Track the sales of all your outlets or store .

Franchise Owned Franchise Operated

Bill your customers seamlessly, manage CRM of consumers and use it for marketing activities. Get all the benefits directly from brands. Manage your inventory, purchases and sales in a single software .

General Store

Make your general store digital and more productive using our all in one software for grocery store. Get more offers directly from the brands and get the benefits instantly. Participate in brand's activities and earn more.

Small And Medium Sized Stores

Our grocery store software enables the store owner to assign admin roles and manage multi small and medium sized grocery stores and counters. Make your own offers for the customers and manage CRM for future marketing.

Morden Trade Outlets

FOOP is an ideal Supermarket billing software for all kinds of modern trade outlets, be it multi counters or multi floors. Manage purchases, inventory, sales and also customer's CRM. Through one Supermarket software you can Create loyalty coupons and also make your own offers for your consumers.


Billing and Invoicing

FOOP helps you in GST Enabled invoicing and billing to your business as well as your customers making it an efficient billing software. Give digital bills and keep records of all your bills in a single place. You will also get detailed reports of all your activities.


Foop enables you to get offers directly from brands. Get more offers for yourself and also for your consumers. You can even make your own offers, select your target audience and track all the campaigns. Now reach out to other businesses, launch your products and engage with the customers in different ways.


Connect and engage with the business as well as consumers through a single platform. Now make your own groups, join other groups and engage with them for faster communication. You can maintain your customer's database while billing which can further be used for marketing.

Inventory Management

Now manage your complete inventory from a single platform and get alerts when your inventory is low. Get detailed status of all your stock at a place. Place your purchases based on your present stock level.


You will get detailed GST enabled reports for your grocery store. Get to know which products are popular among your customers and be prepared with its inventory. Analyze your sales in detail to know trends. Also these reports will assist you in GST filling.


Maintain your customer's wallet and also their credit accounts in a single place. Make payments through the wallet while billing to avoid hassles of cash in your grocery or supermarket.

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